Qingdao quality bulletin 2013 refrigerated cooler city product quality supervision and spot check re

The Chinese quality news network news Qingdao city bureau of quality and technical supervision recently refrigeration cooler city product quality supervision and spot check of 2013 as a result, the spot check of huangdao, laoshan, cieme, 10 companies in the 10 batches of refrigerated cooler products, product quality after inspection qualified 10 batches, physical percent of pass is 100%.
The selective examination on the basis of GB4706.1-2005 "household and similar electrical safety Part 1 general requirements ", GB4706.13-2008 "the safety of household and similar electrical refrigeration equipment, the special requirements of ice cream machine and ice making machine, GB 12021.2 2008" household refrigeration cooler the allowable value of power consumption and energy efficiency grade ", GB/T 8059.1 1995 "household refrigeration appliances cooler", GB/T 8059.2 1995 "household refrigeration appliances refrigeration cooler", GB/T 8059.3 1995 "household refrigeration appliances cooler", GB/T 8059.4 1995 "household refrigerating appliances Frost-free freezer, frost cold storage freezers, frost frozen food storage tank and frost free food cooler "and other standards, to touch live parts of product protection, input current, the working temperature of leakage current and dielectric strength, moisture resistance, leakage current and dielectric strength, structure, internal wiring, power supply and outer cord, external wire with terminal blocks, grounding measures, screws and wiring, electrical clearance and creepage distance through insulation distance, storage temperature, the total volume, power consumption, refrigerating capacity and level of energy efficiency project has carried on the inspection.

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