The official start of the performance to reduce the use of HCFCs in China

Refrigeration letters, released last week by the ministry of CFCS (HCFCs) production sales and use of management, this symbolized our country according to the stipulations in the Montreal protocol, the official start of the performance to reduce the use of HCFCs and HCFCs downstream USES mainly the refrigerator and air conditioning refrigerant, also used as insulating foam. Cut limited HCFCs used for cleaner alternative products will HFC HFCs open market space.
HCFCs as substitute of freon, damage to the ozone layer is still function, but also with the greenhouse effect, its application in most developed countries have been banned. And according to the treaty of Montreal, starting in 2013 officially cut the use of HCFCs in China, this year the production and use of freeze respectively in 2009 and 2010 two years average, a 10% cut in the freezing level 2015, 2030 in addition to the maintenance and special purpose completely eliminated.
At present domestic mainstream refrigerant product is R22 HCFCs series product, and environmentally friendly refrigerant everything, R125, R410 etc. Also used in parts of refrigeration equipment. Refrigerant R22 not only are the largest domestic product, or fluorine chemical several important downstream products of PTFE, HFP, FEP based raw materials; Now Europe and the United States imports from China a lot of R22, as production materials green refrigerants, fluoropolymer and intermediates, R22 exports accounted for about 30% of the total output of 2012. Affected by the downstream demand, refrigerant prices last year fell to lows, refrigerant market slump has continued to the present.
According to the ministry notice, the production and use of HCFCs use quota management; Production enterprise production including controlled use production and raw material use production, used as a raw material USES production is not affected by production quotas, controlled purpose production includes production for domestic use and export production. Quotas and there is no future for supporting downstream unit of R22 capacity will gradually shutting down, including R22 HCFCs capacity to contract, it can increase the demand of the domestic environmental protection refrigerants, and at the same time as the output of raw material supply abroad will appear. Except the R22, R141b also belong to wash out, R141b in China is mainly used for polyurethane foam, environmentally friendly everything except for automotive air conditioning refrigeration, can also be a R141b after alternative foaming agent, coupled with rising car ownership, R134a has a downturn in demand will be improved. The global fluorine chemical industry market will be affected by China meet receive about behavior, organic fluorine industry is given priority to with refrigerant will back into the business cycle.
Source: refrigeration letters

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