My company in zhengzhou the 7th frozen and refrigerated food industry exhibition in China

Recently, our company took part in the August 28, 2014-30, was held in zhengzhou international conference and exhibition center of the seventh congress and the seventh China''s frozen food industry frozen and refrigerated food industry exhibition in China.
This exhibition with "innovation, cooperation, win-win" as the theme, with new pattern and morphology, show in front of the industry. There are more than 200 of frozen food raw materials, auxiliary materials, packaging, machinery, production, such as cold chain enterprises took part in this exhibition, we will focus on implementation of frozen food suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers, distributors, retailers, restaurant channel six major industries seamless docking, forge frozen food industry chain "gorge" all the way, boost the healthy development of industry.
The conference to better promote the development of the industry, reveals the power of the industrial chain.

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