Grace blah and Qingdao HaiRong reach strategic cooperation

Before the second base in China in 2016 formally put into production, state of Chinese trade and business has already started to further intensify market promotion.

On September 10, 2014, brady and commercial freezers, one of the three major manufacturers of China, Qingdao HaiRong officially reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides will in system performance comprehensive cooperation, research and development, design, and other fields. At the same time, the two sides will jointly promote the popularization and application of R290 products in China market.
Strategic cooperation Win-win future
In HaiRong headquarters, blah division vice President of global sales and marketing Reinaldo Maykot with Qingdao HaiRong commercial cold chain co., LTD., chairman of Shao Wei represents the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement between the parties. Concept of cooperation, both sides said the two convergence through the strategic cooperation, the company will bring further development space for each other, is also the future unfolds the milestone in the field of their products.
Learned, Qingdao HaiRong was founded in 2006, has gone into operation in 2007, the main business for the cold chain of ice cream freezer, high-end drinks cabinets, ultra-low temperature freezers, supermarket island ark and upright freezers. At the beginning of the "HaiRong from production, extensive use of excellent technology, excellent performance, positioning high-end, blah compressor, now well brady is the most important core suppliers HaiRong, grace and blah secco products both from energy efficiency, stability and integrity, product lines are the best in this industry." The chairman Shao Wei said.

Reinaldo Maykot said in the signing ceremony, Mr Families in 2013 to achieve the global sales of 32 million units, currently in China with the annual capacity of 9 million sets of a refrigerator compressor, in 2016, grace blah secco''s new base will be put into production in China. In the new base, blah secco will construction in China''s first commercial compressor dedicated production line. Reinaldo Maykot said: "the current HaiRong is grace blah commercial compressors in China''s most important customer, nice to meet HaiRong have so rapid development goals."
It is understood that the signed an agreement with HaiRong company, trade and business in China in the family is well blah first to ascend to the strategic cooperation agreement. Reinaldo Maykot evaluation, through the supply cooperation for many years, and well blah blah thinks HaiRong company has the similar business philosophy, the pursuit of technological innovation, energy saving. Through the strategic cooperation, blah and HaiRong company will not only is the relationship between suppliers, but a strategic partner, we will provide technical solution for HaiRong, quality, technology, comprehensive support joint research and development, etc. And grace blah secco will borrow and HaiRong vigorously cooperation, further expanding light dealer market share in China. "You know, in Europe, Latin America, the dealer market, has a 60% market share, blah families are in China and the asia-pacific market, grace blah division which is only 20%, future growth space is huge."
For the achievement of strategic cooperation, HaiRong showed great enthusiasm. Shao Wei said that through the strategic cooperation, HaiRong will further enhance the brand influence, in the promotion with the globalization of multinational clients such as unilever, blah of brand influence to HaiRong there will be a great help. "It should be said that without the support of grace blah division of HaiRong today, I am looking forward to, through HaiRong sales scale expanding, grace blah families can then get a greater return on investment."
Promote R290 product promotion
Notable is, Shao Wei special emphasis on the importance of R290 compressor product promotion in the future. According to introducing, compared to the ice cream freezer is widely used on the market at present in China everything compressor, R290 compressor in the aspect of environmental protection, energy efficiency, refrigerating capacity and cooling speed has the absolute advantage.
"Double in the next two years HaiRong sales size of plan, the core driving force to promote of R290 freezers, through our efforts, Erie, mengniu, the domestic big customers have recognized the superiority of R290 freezers, the popularity of R290 freezers in China is no doubt about that." Shao Wei said. "it is important that grace blah branch as the world''s first developed in R290 compressor refrigerator company, its R290 product performance is outstanding, HaiRong R290 freezers at present almost all adopt blah families provide compressor."

Reinaldo Maykot also said, blah families in Europe and the United States market has many years of experience in the application of R290 compressor, technology is very mature, compared to other R290 products, Mr Brady has better energy efficiency level, better stability and adaptability. "In Europe and America market, big companies such as Coca-Cola, heineken, unilever has successfully introduced R290 products, I believe that in China, through the efforts of HaiRong, R290 air-conditioner will also get large-scale popularization, and blah department will fully support."
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